late start, but great stuff

i got a little later start than expected this morning, but once i got going, i put off everything, including the bathroom, until my time was up. in addition to last night’s clarification, i realized today that i was trying too hard to force the story into too small a time frame. opening up the amount of time covered in HHNF made a number of other things fall into place, rather than sit there, all squashed and pinched-feeling, shoe-horned up against one another. it took some trying to figure out how to open that time frame up, in a believable way, but it was so worth it.

i discovered a number of other great things, too, by remembering the scope of characters. i’d become too focused on Kelly and her immediate group, forgetting some of the people that made NGD so interesting and real, as well as ignoring the introduction of some great new voices. my inner ears once more unclogged, i’m very very excited to get to the actual writing, but i must restrain myself. i don’t want to jump the gun, and i need to continue work on the outline, but it’s really coming together!

all of which means the receipt of a couple rejections (one for NGD and one for Congestive Heart Failure) slides easily to the background.

the future is very bright, indeed.