submitting is so stressful

oh, poor me, i know.

but really, i’m sitting in front of the computer, preparing the email to send the submission for my latest short story (which underwent a name change from Hunting & Trapping to What’s Love Got To Do With It?), and it’s simply embarrassing how much time i spend flipping back and forth between the email and the potential site/magazine information, making sure i’ve got the correct name to address to, making sure i’ve got the contents of the ‘cover letter’ right, that the email is right, that i don’t tweak anything at the last minute because that’s always dangerous, that i’ve either attached the story as a separate file (which may or may not be .doc, .rtf., .opd, etc.) or inline, and if it’s inline to make sure that when i copy and paste that i also strip off the now-redundant top copy with my name and contact info and such.

and then, i check it all over again. seriously. hours.

it feels harder than writing the stories sometimes.

and i still get things wrong. this morning, for instance, a site wanted the file in an attachment. i’d read this a hundred times as i checked out the site for potential submission, reading the stories, etc. and yet, i clicked send three seconds before remembering that fact. i sent another email with the file attached, but i doubt i’ll get a second look, there. as i tell me students, if you can’t follow minor directions, why should anyone trust you with larger considerations?

but it’s done.

now back to HHNF!

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