even my dad likes it!

NGD passed another hurdle unexpectedly last week when my dad finished the book and said he really enjoyed it! again, yes, he’s my dad, but i got to spend some time with him this weekend and talk some more about it and he clearly did enjoy it. he even asked my mom how i wrote it so that he kept not wanting to put it down.*

one thing he said about the book, which made me feel particularly good: that kelly and her situations were more ‘normal’ and ‘real’ than what he was used to in fiction, referring specifically to the reality of her world and her reactions to it. she does things or things happen to her that happen in real life, but that are usually left out of books. these things didn’t overwhelm the narrative, but they made the world and characters more concrete and believable, even in the face of the distinctly un-real things that go on. this is one of the very things i was hoping to achieve and to hear him mention it on without me prompting was fantastic.

i know i sound like a kid who got a gold star at school, but i don’t care. my parents enjoyed my book!

* he did, of course, find a handful of typos, but i call that a fair trade.