temporary tangent

first, quick updates:

  • i received a request for partial from another agent at the end of last week, which is wonderful, except for one tiny catch: this agent only considers exclusives. so, i need to wait for the rejection from the first agent before i can send to this agent. strange to consider that i was in this exact same situation almost a year ago, with Witness. trying not to feel like i’m on the same path to rejection, though.
  • not helped by the rejection for What’s Love Got To Do With It? which i got yesterday. as a side note, i’m having second (or fifth) thoughts about that title, but until something really grabs me, i’m going to leave it alone.
  • HHNF has actually been on the back burner recently, as i’ve been trying to work on a poem for the poetry slam being held at the school tomorrow evening.

that last item is today’s focus. the poem’s been rolling around in my head for a little while, and it feels like it could be fantastic, but each time i try to put it to words, it fizzles into something without direction or impetus. i thought i was making good progress, this morning, finally, but after a little break and looking back at it, it feels hollow.

as i’ve mentioned before, poetry is not my strength, but i’m enjoying the challenge of it. i guess i just need more practice.

if the poem doesn’t work out (and the school work i’ve put off to spend the morning on this means that it probably won’t because i don’t have any more real free time before tomorrow evening), i have a fallback, thanks to my wife’s brilliant suggestion. i’ll probably be reading one of my most beloved poems, which my mother used to read to us as children before bed.

reading it now, i wonder at the content for a young child, but this poem was the first thing i can consciously recall that stirred my imagination with an intensity i still remember. in fact, i can still recite most of it from heart, and i haven’t read  it in a couple years.

we shall see…

    • thanks for dropping by. i’m definitely excited about the partial requests, but i was through an almost identical situation with Witness, so i’m not holding my breath. it’s all a learning experience.

      as for “What’s Love…”, it really doesn’t fit. i was just trying for something less direct than the original (“Hunting and trapping”), which also didn’t quite fit. ah, well, keep trying…

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