a VERY good morning’s writing, and after the recent scarcity of HHNF work, it feels fantastic.

the outline fell almost completely into place, this morning. i say fell, but it wasn’t quite that easy. i had to try a couple outlining exercises to get my mind around the whole thing, but the workout really paid off and i am thrilled!

i say all this right now, in the flush of the moment, but i’ve just finished re-writing the outline and it still holds together very well. very exciting. there are still a few smaller gaps, but the order really feels right, both in pacing and content. there were two major items that contributed to this result, i think:

  1. let go: i had to release some tightly-held pre-conceptions and scenes, which was tough, but ultimately best, as it usually is. these were rooted in my personal desire to explain everything, which is something i’ve been working on allowing the readers to do and not clubbing them with it.*
  2. no woman is an island: thanks to a related comment my wife made a couple weeks ago when i was hacking through earlier outline versions, i finally recognized how to take the story to the next level by bumping up a minor character from NGD. determined and driven as Kelly is, especially in the face of what threatens her in HHNF, she still needs help. thankfully, i finally understood who that would be.**

a very good morning, indeed.

now, to work.

* i still expect to write the scenes at some point, but perhaps as separate short stories.

** even better, this opens a number of doors of very cool future story developments, which make perfect sense, now that i’ve seen the light.