the end of the semester

means very little writing work.

all the course grades have to be in today. i have two classes done, and a third in process. looking back, i don’t feel i was really on my teaching game this semester, and feel guilty as a result, but i’m trying to put that in a place to learn from, so i can avoid it next year. i learn best from my mistakes.

on the other hand, the extra class i took on struck me with how much i wish i’d been able to spend more time with them, instead of just the last 3 weeks. of course, most of them are probably bummed that they had to spend any time with me at all, but i’ll stay on my side of the fence on this one.

finally, though, i was able to work with a student from last semester to finish out her incomplete from that term. she had a series of very significant life events, starting at the end of last semester and continuing right up to last week when she lost her job. nonetheless, she wanted to finish the class and she put her effort into it, coming out with a B-, amid everything else going on. looking at all she’s had to deal with, and knowing she’s not alone in the population i teach, i am regularly amazed at the power and resilience of the human spirit.

and that’s a good note to end on.