to the wonderful world of oz!

so, tomorrow we fly out for australia for 3 whole weeks!* it’s been four or five years since our last trip, and it’s long overdue. my wife has family there, which is obviously a major plus, and while we always love seeing them (they have all taken me right in, making me feel right at home), this time will be a little different.

on a down note, my wife’s grandmother passed since we last went, so this will be our first trip out there without seeing her, which will be harder than i think i’m ready for, when we arrive. however, this trip is has been made possible thanks to a gift she left my wife, which is allowing us to rove around the country for the first time, so Nan will be with us every step of the way.

so, after we visit with family for a week or so, we’re off to do some touristy stuff. her family’s all on the eastern coast, which is tropical, rather than the bush or outback that is most commonly associated with Australia. this area is absolutely lush and gorgeous, with mountain forests of enormous trees and beaches that reach out of sight and which are considered crowded when there are ten people along a 5-mile stretch. seriously.**

this time, though, we’re off to the Great Barrier Reef:

Kakadu National Park: (oops. wrong park. i’m terrible with names)

Kuranda National Park:

The Red Centre (Uluru and Kata-Tjuta):

and Kangaroo Island:

with stops in Cairns, Adelaide, and Melbourne throughout, before heading home.***


before any of that happens, i have to put in some serious HHNF writing time in, today. yesterday was my first day without either school or web work, so, instead of making the most of it, i frittered almost all of it away. very bad bill. a whole glorious rainy day, perfect for writing, squandered.

so this morning, as soon as i finish this blog (and a rather mediocre red grapefruit), i’m off to finish the last of the outline. i am that close, actually, which is good, and some good stuff came out of my brief lapses into productivity yesterday, but i want the outline done before the plane takes off, because the actual writing is begging to be started and i want to be writing throughout our trip, as we’ll be spending more than a little time on planes and we’re in no rush from one place to the next.****

therefore, if the outline is done before we go, i can dive right in.

so stop talking about it already!


* anything less on a trip all the way to the opposite side of the planet is wasted, from travel time to jet lag to time loss.

** every aussie we’ve met has always wondered why people would want to live anywhere else, and it’s very hard to disagree.

*** when we get back, we’ll have our own pics, obviously. it’ll take a while to cull through the 4000+ photos that i’m sure to take, though. digital cameras and i are a bad combo.

**** we’re not trekkers, by any means; we’re sojourners.

  1. oh, and we’re not going to Kakadu, that’s in the top end and we haven’t time to head up there…we’re going to Kuranda. :)

  2. dur. this is why you’re making the plans. and thanks, love; there’s nothing better than sojourning by your side.

    barely 24 hours!

  3. thanks, Julie. but you should definitely make a point of getting over there, yourself! you’d truly love it. (and the requisite 3 wk minimum away from work would be an added bonus)

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