brief update (and award win!)

Crowded Beach in New South Wales

Crowded Beach in New South Wales


the flight over (which was largely fine) wasn’t nearly as productive as i was hoping, but that’s alright, as i’ve managed to make some excellent progress since then. granted, i did backtrack a bit, but it wouldn’t be me without some backtracking. anyway, today i worked from the beginning to the end in a final detailed outline (yes, i know, you’ve heard it before, but this is it).


we’ve been visiting family this week, which has been wonderful, though far too short. 1 week is not enough to cover for several years of absence. jet lag was better than in past trips (good flights over really helped), which we’re very grateful for. as for pictures, etc., we’ve been mostly doing some hill- and beach-walking, but here are a couple examples of things we try to explain about the water, here:

1 – (un)crowded beaches

2 – a million colors blue

now, though, it’s back to our last evening with family, before our flight to Cairns!


i just checked email and discovered that Witness won first place in the Fantasy category of the 2009 Indie Book Awards! more on this as it comes along, but for now… way cool!

    • oh, we so did. we just got back though, so we’re still getting ourselves back on an even keel. i hope to have a bit of an overview post with some pics (they’ve been downloading from the camera for the last half hour) later today. and thanks for the award shout :) i have to catch up on that, too. i think there’s an email buried in my inbox here, somewhere…

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