home again! (digital cameras are evil)

first off, let me say that no matter how much fun or wondrous or relaxing our travels are (and we’ve been extra-ordinarily fortunate in this, without question), there is simply nothing that holds a candle to coming home to our own bed.

that said, i had intended a much better, more coherent post on our return home, but jet lag is a bugger and we were up again at 2am this morning after 4 hours sleep. we got in yesterday morning at 2am. there’s some kind of synchronicity thing there, somewhere, and i hate it.

anyway, i also wanted to post pics, which i am, but thanks to modern technology and a 16GB memory card gift from my father, i have more than 10 GB of pics and vids to go through. i’ve made it about halfway through the set, culling significantly, but the brain has ceased to function, so i’m just going to throw a smattering of things up here, in no conceivable order, with almost no explanation. maybe i’ll clarify bits later this week.*

as for HHNF, i did nothing more than to tighten the outline over the first week. after that…zippo. i had grandiose plans of getting a few chapters out by the time we returned, but that just didn’t happen. and that’s okay. as soon as my body clock rights itself, i’ll be diving in.

so, here you are: some random highlights of our trip Down Under over the last 3 weeks!


from the top of a very long stairway up a not quite small hill on Kangaroo Island. our car is a blur at the sandy patch near the bottom.


my wife on the hike back through Kata Tjuta. these colors don't do them justice. stunning.


is this guy cute or what?


melbourne at night. it is a beautiful city.


the main body on this little critter was about two inches long.


me monkeying around in the aptly named Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island.


Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) at dusk.


this is the line between the eastern coast of tropical green and the rest of the country, as seen from the plane. it's like someone literally drew the line.


sunrise on a morning walk in the city of Cairns.


the 'crocodiles may live here so keep your bloody eyes open, you tourists!' sign on the beach in Cairns. not a joke.


from the SkyRail gondola coming down into Cairns from Kuranda, over the top of the mountains in between. yes, over the top.


sea lions on the beach at Kangaroo Island (after 3 days of continuous swimming and 75 kilometers each direction).


the stunning pale beauty and elegance of a pair of eucalyptus trees.


the entrance to one of the accessible waterholes at Uluru.


Admiral's Arch at the far end of Kangaroo Island. fur seals in the background. smell bad. smell very bad.

and that’s all i can swing at this point. i need sleep.

*probably not.