it has begun!

while today wasn’t the home run i was hoping for, i did manage to get 4 pages done, which is more than part of me realistically expected, so i’m not complaining.

at first, it was a bit like pulling teeth to get something on the page, and i scratched out as much as i wrote (if not more). eventually, however, i reached a bit more flow, as Kelly’s voice came back to me and the writing stopped being a slave to the outline.

this was an important step, and one which i knew was coming, but no matter how conscious i was of its impending arrival, i was apparently unable to avoid it in the first place. i’ve spent so much time on the outline that it was actually an effort to write in complete sentences and continuous, flowing thought.

toward the end, though, i realized she was monologuing too much, doing a lot of telling without showing. while a fair amount of this is necessary at the beginning of this second in the series (given where the second book starts versus where the first one ends), it was all happening in her head, and i realized i could achieve the same expository result through a chance dialogue, instead, which is where i will be picking up tomorrow.

yes, i know. i’m already revising.

what can i say? the blog is titled what it is for a reason.

and honestly, i don’t care, because i’m writing again!