everything i write is junk

not the best of days, today.

i’ve scribbled out more than i’ve written. i’ve got bit characters jumping out of the woodwork every time i put pencil to paper. i’ve spent more time staring at the page than actually writing.

i know it’s just a funk*, but i can’t seem to like a single word i write. at the very least, i’ve been forcing myself not to go back and re-read the few pages i have written, lest i throw the whole lot into the circular file.

oh, i also got some more rejections. one for a short story, and one for an agent who had requested a partial of NGD.


on the up-side, i’m now free to send a partial to another agent who requested it some time ago, but on an exclusive basis, so i had to wait to hear from this other agent first. it’s printing out as i type this and will go in the mail first thing in the morning.

silver lining, right?

* it better be.

  1. You don’t write junk. I am interested to know what the voices are saying, since they are so insistent. :)

  2. thanks, love, but they were mostly just filler conversations, getting the story bogged down in irrelevant minutiae. i tried looking for unexpected meaning, but they were really just exercises in character studies, rather than actual story elements. that’s not to say these folks may not appear in some form, it’s just that they aren’t helping the story right now, and i can’t get them to stop talking about themselves. of course, i have to assume that since i just said i can’t see any use to them, that there will be an obvious use that appears to me later. joy.

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