day one (but not really)

in honor of whatever it was that was different, today, i’m calling this the first day of actual writing.* from here on out, every day counts. period. no matter where i am, or how much other stuff i have to do that day, the story must continue. no more excuses or delays. to that end, i’m putting the metrics back up in the sidebar.

logically, i know it means nothing to measure my productivity by word count; there’s no inherent connection between size and quality (hey! get your mind out of the gutter!). however, it’s a fairly good way of testing whether i’m getting any better at predicting/estimating story length, chapter number/length, content chunks, and so on.

also, the metrics serve as a rather public statement that i’m actually getting work done. it may be two lines, it may be 20 pages, but having the metrics helps keep me disciplined about getting something on the page every single day, and, hopefully, avoiding more episodes like last week.

so, 8 pages down, and i couldn’t be happier or more grateful.**

* the outline phase is a separate beastie for now, and i’m going to consider last week largely a ‘cleaning of the system’, and leave it at that. difficult, noisy, ugly and unfortunate, certainly, but also necessary, i am coming to believe.

** well, a book deal would be nice, obviously…