day two, eh?

okay, so that was a stereotype, but i couldn’t resist. we’re now in Montreal, today through thursday, for an anniversary trip-slash-Dave Matthews Band concert tomorrow night.* it’s a fair drive, and after ten days of gorgeous early summer weather, the next three days are rain. ha ha. it matters not, though, a good time is already being had by all, even just to wander a couple hours around this lovely city.

i even got another page done in the third chapter. it’s not a lot, but as i said before: something every day. today’s work was around a conversation, which is about to lead into some rather awkward topics.

it’s a little hard having less time devoted to it, but the characters had a really funny interchange which i hadn’t expected at all, and which also helped cement a couple of less obvious points. how cool is that?

* yes, it’s been a lot of traveling lately, and honestly i’ll be glad when we’re done for a little while, but montreal is a lovely city and the music will be excellent, so we’ll just have to suffer through, eh?