day four: grumpy old man

i’m not a concert enthusiast. my wife had a lovely time, and the music was quite good, and we even were right up against the barrier at the very very front; all elements for a great time.

except i’m the grumpy gus who spends almost the whole time being frustrated by drunken, doped up kids (though DMB attracts just about every age demographic), the amount of trash everywhere, the people constantly trying to squeeze past each other, the thrashing dancing whatever (which resulted in four separate, but supposedly unintentional, attacks on my head last night, including one with a camera and one with a closed fist, albeit the closed fist of a 19-yr old girl, but a fist nonetheless), the screaming, the arguments, the fact that i could hear the music and singing better at home in my living room than directly underneath the 17 over-sized speakers (and those are only the ones on my side), and generally being an all around sourpuss.

i want to enjoy it. i do. and i try, but it never lasts and it bothers me most that i can’t even enjoy myself for my wife’s sake. she deserves better.

maybe next time.

oh, and i wrote about another page this morning, but we’ve got to check out soon. i’m hoping to try for a little more when we get home, but that’s probably unlikely.

  1. I’d like you to enjoy yourself for your sake, not mine. As you could probably tell by the thrashing, wiggling and jumping, I was having a perfectly good time. And I say again, I am very, very grateful to you for your perfect bouncer stance through the whole concert protecting me and my dance space. Best husband ever.

    • thank you, dear. of course, i would like to enjoy myself more, too, but i just can’t seem to get the other 9,998 people out of my head. for what it’s worth, though, making sure you have space to dance suits me just fine.

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