day five – not exactly nothing…

…but not much more than that.

today was only about a half page or so. not very productive, though i had a good thought about fixing a minor speedbump i’ve been hitting for a couple days, regarding how to correctly position a series of items. however, while the thought was good, i found myself re-writing a particular section of a conversation multiple times and getting (obviously) frustrated.

it is probably a good thing that i didn’t spend more time on it, beating my head against the wall, because after i put it away for a few hours and was working at the day job, i realized what i was doing and resolved to just press on to the next bit, when i start again tomorrow. the bulk of the dialogue is fine, and some of it’s even better than that, so i’ll deal with that speedbump again on the revision (probably in the typing-up stage), leaving my mind free to work on the rest.

all in all, i’d have to say, despite the low quantity of today’s work, that realization, resulting though it was from the forced separation of paying work, actually came about sooner than other previous such situations. perhaps i’m catching on faster, now?

there’s always hope.