day 6 : good in so many ways

3+ pages written this morning, and in less than 2 hours, and, best of all, it was good stuff. i’ve been hemming and hawing on how to address some of the backstory from the first book, as well as explain the gap in time between the two, without sounding like “PREVIOUSLY, ON NO GOOD DEED…”, but i think i hit it.

now, there’s still work to be done to tighten it, but i got into kelly’s voice and stayed there, and the whole piece is coming along quite effectively. we’ll see on a later reading, but for now, we continue.

but if it was all going so well and in such a short time, you may well ask, why didn’t you keep going?


  1. i was a little late getting up and there was the morning exercise
    (i really didn’t want to because i’d slept terribly, but i knew this was the only way to get anything good out of the start of the day.)
  2. the trip to the grocery store
    (this is, in all honesty, one of the highlights of my week – i enjoy wandering the aisles with my wife, picking out the next week’s meals, some planned, some spur-of-the-moment, all delicious.)
  3. a couple errands at the post office and pharmacy
    (mailed a surprise present to mary’s cousin in australia (can’t mention any more, in case he reads this – as if.) and finally got round to bringing our disposable underwater camera (from snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef) to be developed.)
  4. and then i went directly above the garage and wrote like the wind
    (powered, as usual, by a cup of tea and a couple of bikkies – my wife’s anzac’s, which are scrumtrilescent!)
  5. after that i wandered into the garden where my wife was working her magic
    (my main contribution is weeding. i’m good at that. it’s pretty straightforward and rather meditative. as long as i can identify beforehand what isn’t a weed.)
  6. then lunch
    (veggie burgers on the grill. actually quite good.)
  7. then a few more hours cutting and setting new stakes for the tomato beds
    (okay, weeding and stuff that involves power tools.)
  8. then it was time to shower and head down to portland for my friend’s dad’s art exhibit
    (John Swan, a truly talented artist. check out some samples here: i think my favorite was “Salmon River”, though it’s not on the web site.)
  9. then a short stop at my parents’ house to wish them a happy anniversary before they went out to dinner
    (39 years. pretty awesome. and yep, ours is only two days before theirs. it was honestly utterly unintentional on my part when we were setting our date, but it’s kind of neat having them close like that.)
  10. then a couple more errands
    (returned some stuff to Lowe’s, bought some other stuff at Lowe’s, picked up some bread at panera’s to have with dinner and i ate half of it before we got home. bread, regardless of type, is good.)
  11. then dinner
    (fabulous veggie and sausage pan-fry and grill mix, eaten under the umbrella on our deck while it rained softly all around us. lovely.)
  12. and then it was 8 o’clock and practically time for bed.
    (i knew i’d better blog here before pretending to practice my piano and falling asleep a couple more pages into Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber.)

so, while it was fabulous that i wrote so well today, there isn’t a thing about the rest of the day that i would have changed. some days are just like that. it’s particularly great to be able to notice them while they’re happening.