day 7 : and almost as many pages

6 pages done today*, which is very very acceptable. about a page and a half an hour. the expository elements i’ve been working on recently morphed into a flashback without my conscious intention. i realized after a couple pages that i’d switched to a flashback scene. i considered flagging this for later reconversion back to the summary method i’d been using, but there is a nice flow to the whole thing that i think will work quite well, as is.

this also avoids some of those leaps of faith that i dislike in books (and movies, tv, etc.) where a character summarizes what had to have been a difficult or awkward or at the very least remarkable dialogue, by giving only the end result. there are times when this kind of thing certainly works, without question, but more often than not (to me, anyway) they minimize interesting character interactions and depth to make way for faster plots. again, not always a bad thing, but often. it also seems to me that this often attempts to cover a lack of writing quality, character depth or both.

but that’s probably me just being pessimistic and elitist.

and jealous, of course.

* it’s been raining all day, so external activities are curbed, aside from a morning walk with the dog over at the school. there was a top-to-bottom cleaning bit, though, which i at least partially contributed to.