day 8 : when the voices keep talking, listen.

UPDATE:  i was a little ahead of myself on this one. the original title for this post read ‘day 9′. oops.

another 3 pages this morning. while i like most of it, the last half page raised a question i didn’t have an answer for, regarding some of what has gone before. i started to feel the familiar “you haven’t thought it all the way through” panic settling in, threatening to send me into a craze of scratching everything out and throwing the whole morning’s work away as i ground myself down into the minutiae of answering what is, in the grand scheme of things, a relatively unimportant topic. worse yet, my time was nearly up for writing, as i have the paying job this afternoon.

instead of falling into despair, though, and without simply ignoring it in the hope that readers will, too, i was saved by the forward thinking of one of the characters in the scene, who had apparently already seen this hurdle coming. even as i walked away from the desk in frustration, he kept talking. at first, it didn’t seem to be of any help, but i stopped and wrote it down anyway. he kept talking, though, and by the time i made it halfway across the room the second time, i realized where he was going and scrambled back to the desk.

again, i’m amazed at what comes out of characters’ mouths, sometimes. i’m still at a loss as to how they can say something which i don’t consciously intend, or even have previous awareness of, but which fits perfectly. i’d like to say it has to do with my preparation and skill, but there’s something else to it, certainly. i wonder if painters and potters and musicans and such have similar experiences. i would imagine so. there’s a nice thought.

so i’ve got the broad strokes of the next page or so down, which i am very grateful for, and i’ll get back to do some more this evening, after dinner.

sorry, dear.

  1. No worries love, better to let the characters have their say. I’ll spend some time practicing checkers so I can eek out another draw next time we play…or I’ll spackle the den. :)

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