day 9(really) : definite progress

last night i got another 3+ pages done, which was good, as it got me to the end of chapter 4, but i’m not 100% thrilled with the content. i think i’ll probably cut 1/3 to 1/2 of what i wrote for that chapter, but i’m not going to dwell on it, now. it wasn’t the worst writing, but there were definite areas that felt more forced than they should. there were some good pieces that came out of it, though, so i’ll be taking a close look at this section in the revision.

that said, i’m personally very proud of myself for continuing to write and not allowing my concerns over the final quality of the writing stop me from writing anything at all. i’ll chalk that up to a lesson learned, thank you very much.

in addition, last night’s work prepped me for chapter 5 this morning, which i’ve just about finished, after 5 more pages (a little synchronicity, there?). i liked this chapter, which happens to be a ‘back to normal’ chapter, with Kelly and family being, well, a real family. there’s more emphasis on her and Shawn, too, in this chapter, which is nice. i like how there is a natural flow to this relationship, with ebbs and tides like real life. i especially enjoy the little bits of humor.*

now, going to the metrics for a moment, i discovered that i passed 10,000 words (estimated), today. at 11,200, that’s roughly 45 typed pages. at an estimated total novel word count of 110,000 (yielding roughly 440 typed pages on the computer, and roughly 235 pages in a book), this means i’m just over 10% of the way.

i looked back over what i’d written, and asked myself if that equalled a tenth of the whole story. it’s hard to say, given the way i’ve broken up the chapters in the outline and all, but that feels about right, and that feels good, because at roughly 10% each week, i should just make my deadline of the end of August, and that has to happen.

* whether or not anyone else finds them funny, which may well be the case, though i hope not.


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