day 10: almost missed it

…because i did ZERO writing this morning. despite all the hallmarks of a productive writing day (up at 5:30 for the bike ride – even though i didn’t want to, yummy cereal and fresh fruit, beautiful weather….), i found myself in front of the computer all morning.*

i’ve been trying to figure out how to port some content to this site that i thought might be interesting, if only in an embarrassing i-can’t-believe-i-wrote-that manner, which should give an even further insight into my writing process**. i’ve been futzing with it off and on for months, now, but not giving enough time to it. this morning, though, i think i got it, but then i had to start the paying job, so it will have to wait a little longer.***

because tonight i had to write, and i did.

i got a good 4 1/2 pages done this evening, which included a pair of scenes which ratchet up tension, both in the immediate present of the story, as well as further along. there are a few levels to these scenes, which take on greater impact at a couple later points in the story, as other pieces fall into place and explain a couple behaviors (and not in the way one might expect!).

at least, that’s the plan. we’ll just have to wait and see how effective it is. this is one of the places where i feel more…in control, for lack of a better term, of the combination of my desire for the purpose of the story and the innate directions/desires of the characters within that story. perhaps i’m just hearing the characters and stories more clearly earlier on. there’s a thought.

and now, to bed.

* no, i wasn’t surfing (well, not much).

** ooh! i can hear the gasps of excitement! or maybe that’s the crickets out in the yard. could be either one.

*** so, yes, i did spend the entire morning trying to figure out how to post writing i did 5 years ago, rather than doing any writing now. perhaps not the best use of my time…

  1. your footnotes are funny…no doubt the crickets in the yard ARE impressed with your work… as they should be. :)

  2. thanks, love, and that actually gives me an idea. maybe i can write something so astoundingly horrendous that it would scare the moles out of the yard for fear of being too closely associated with such tripe…

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