day 12: an unexpected friend

so, kelly’s been through the wringer the last couple days, but this morning there was a bit of relief. a stock character in the last scene stood up and acquired a larger script without asking permission. the nerve.

it’s for the best, though, and these are some of the most exciting moments for me, as a writer. there’s a heady mix of luck and, i hope, skill in these situations, where something like this happens and i have an opportunity to either make the most of it or seriously drop the ball. this morning, i think i got it right, and it was hard to stop writing.

there is, however, as much danger of over-emphasizing such situations and characters as under-emphasizing them. he isn’t a primary character, and the story doesn’t hinge on his presence or absence, but he expands the reality of the world of the books in an honest way. it may be that we’ll even see him again sometime in a future book.

the implications of that statement are extremely exciting:

  1. the character is strong enough to stand on his own, but doesn’t need to
  2. recurring characters are great to have
  3. i’ve always intended this as an ongoing series, but things like this make that idea seem even more real

how cool is that?


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