day 18: and on the third day…

there was Internet.

yep, back online. apaprently, i could’ve been back online yesterday, if the help desk folks hadn’t wiped out my modem and then proceeded not to answer or return any of my calls.

[vitriolic rant removed]

moving on…

i got another 8 pages this morning, and i’m having a lot of fun. things are still tough for kelly, but there’s a bit of potential comedy filtering through this latest scene, which i’m going to have to massage a bit more in revision, but which i hope comes through, because there needs to be a little lightness, too.

it’s worth noting that in the last three days i’ve done as much writing as in each of the previous two weeks. this is very exciting for me. i know there will be a fair amount of distillation in the revision, as i whittle the dialogue down and tighten the description and pacing, but it’s still a very respectable amount of work for me to achieve in three days. best of all, i’ve managed to steadily pack that capacity into the first half of the day, meaning i have no excuse for less productivity now that i can get back to the paying job.

which reminds me…

(thanks again to my dad and my wife for helping me post these last couple days!)