day 19: the best laid plans

i had a feeling of foreshadowing when i finished yesterday’s post, and i should’ve paid closer attention. with the return of the internet, came the loss of my self-discipline.

not totally, but enough. i only got 5 pages this morning, because i got a very late start, thanks to my inability to walk away from this machine first thing this morning.

bleh, but enough of that.

5 pages is okay. i was starting to write myself into a corner, though, so i guess it’s good that i didn’t grind any more on it. now that i’m away from it, even briefly, i can see that it’s one of those sections that i’m trying to force too specifically. the scene will come out to the same general end, regardless of how some of these specific conversations go, so i need to step back and start listening again.

and i need to leave the computer off until lunch.

p.s. – of the queries i sent out on monday, i got several almost immediate standard form rejections, but also a request for a partial!