day 21: a steady pace

well, today was mostly a distraction day*, but i was able to get 5 more pages done.* i wavered on the edge of literary quicksand for a while there, but finally managed to get back on track.

the arrival of a new character certainly helped this. the arrival itself was planned for, but the execution of the scene went drastically differently than i’d anticipated. different in a powerfully exciting way, though.

i hope, anyway. the twist caught me by surprise, so i hope i can carry that over to the reader. on the other hand, i didn’t see the ending to The Sixth Sense coming, so read what you will from that.

* raining. again. spent way too much time fiddling with WordPress, only to switch it all back at the last minute.

** milestone note: today’s work puts me just past one third of the way to the estimated total. three weeks and 35,000 words. it was a little bit of a slow start, but i’ve got the momentum, now, and hope to see an increase to the weekly output i’ve had so far, as long as i can keep myself focused.