day 22: reubens are yummy

today, i finally got to have lunch with some friends i haven’t seen in more than a year, which was very nice. we’ve been trying to make this work for almost this whole time, and while not everyone was able to make it, it was lovely to see folks again and to catch up. it also made me again realize how much i miss daily interaction with real people (as opposed to email, etc.), particularly people i very much enjoy spending time with and talking to. thanks, folks!

of course, meeting people for lunch is also good because i get to eat foods i don’t tend to otherwise have, like yummy reubens.*

anyway, i sequestered myself above the garage this evening and got another 7+ pages done. things are really picking up speed now. the kitchen timer went off at 9 o’clock, but i was not having any of it.

this evening’s work was the end of that perhaps tortuously long chapter**, which knocked down the first domino of the next third of the book, and it’s hard to stop when i get into it all like this. i also identified some key phrasing to be inserted in earlier parts of the book to provide some lovely bits of understated foreshadowing.

i love it when this happens, and it’s one of the great joys of revising. i get to see the whole creature in its full form, and then i find ways to tighten it and strengthen it and seed it with these little bits of intrigue or insight. i try to identify as much of this as possible ahead of time, but i accept that there will always be more.*** sometimes these new pieces are genuine surprises to me, but sometimes they are conscious choices – craft, if you will – and these are the moments that really inspire.

* that said, it’s probably good this doesn’t happen more often, particularly when i didn’t bike this morning (because i got an early start at the computer job. really!)

** which, in fact, should not have been a single chapter, if i’d referred back to my outline more often (but i was in a writing groove!)

*** particularly when i start wandering off the map/outline