day 23: on the move

quickly, because i’m almost late for work, but i got another 4+ pages done this morning. a bit less than expected, but i was teaching myself a bit of PHP, which i’ve been telling myself i should do for a while and finally got an excuse to do so.

but that’s neither here nor there. today’s writing got kelly out of a particular physical location where she’s been for what may end up being too long. i’m still uncertain about that, but we’re leaving it for now. anyway, now, she’s on the move, and she’s not alone, and there’s a big reveal coming in the next 3-5 pages, which i’m a little wary of, because i want it to be powerful, but not heavy-handed.

i’m also thrilled to be able to use the world she lives in in more ways than one. or, more specifically, to flesh out the world she lives in by approaching recurring places with additional information. these are things that i’ve been hoping to do, particularly with the groundwork i laid in NGD, but to see it start to happen is very exciting. again, though, i hope it doesn’t seem heavy-handed or contrived.

now, to work.*

* i cannot wait to get back to writing this evening!