day 24: good complications

swept the first floor, brought the garbage to the dump, AND wrote 9 pages this morning!

this morning’s writing had a number of really cool scenes in it, which i hope i’m able to describe as powerfully visually as i’m imagining them. i don’t want to overdo them, though, either, which is a tough spot. brings up an interesting conversation point (for some other time) about the two basic methods of description: A) high detail, and B) minimal detail. paint the picture or let the reader?*

today’s writing also ended with a surprisingly emotional and distinctly unsettling (for me, anyway) relationship conflict for kelly. i’d planned for something along these lines, but not to this level. however, it proved a great challenge for me to write effectively, and i think i managed it. this provides a level of complexity i hadn’t fully intended, but which rings solidly true to both kelly and the situation.

now, i just have to figure out how she’s going to deal with it.

after work, of course.

* of course, the best answer to such questions is usually somewhere in the middle, but fantasy, as a genre, tends to spend a lot of time in the A column, in my experience, with some notable exceptions.