day 25: a change of scenery, and a question.

7 pages this morning, which was less than i hoped, but i had to troubleshoot our DSL with the phone company.*

nonetheless, this morning some very, um, spirited writing, which has led to a rather extreme change of scenery for kelly and friends.** it was a lot of fun putting this down on the page, exploring these new areas, and making them as compelling and engaging as possible.

actually, i don’t think that part was too hard. the hard part will be maintaining a viable balance between the environment and the story. this is kind of connected to the statement i made yesterday about choosing between levels of detail. i want the scenes to be realistic and tangible to the reader, but i don’t want to bog down what should be a fast-moving part of the story.

this is where it’s hard to decide between movies/tv and books. by themselves, neither one can surpass what the other does best. it simply doesn’t work that way. however, the audience (watching or reading) can cross that gap, if they’re willing, and make a movie as nuanced as a book, or a book as stunning as a movie.


* which is still not fully resolved. yay.

** and enemies, if i’m honest.