day 28: ah, summer in maine

okay, so yesterday i said the sun came out. which it did. then it went away. then it came back. then it went away. then it came back and it was so hot i was sweating just standing there. which was fine, since we were working on a deck project (screening part of it in away from the blood-sucking mosquitoes).

then we had to go get some more supplies, which was also fine, to enjoy a sunny drive, except when we came out of the store, big huge massive terrifyingly movie-apocalypse-like dark clouds came out of nowhere. we tried to race them home, as we had left laundry on the line, and we almost made it, but as we turned up our road, someone up there turned the spigot on. full. and as we pulled into the garage, we got this:

[local /wp-content/uploads/2009/07/hailstorm.wmv nolink]

and yes, my first impulse when we got back was to get the camera, not the clothes or any of the open windows in the house. bad bill.

to be honest, this is the first genuine hail storm i can remember being in, so that was cool. about twenty minutes later, after it went back to pouring rain, it turned sunny again. then dark, then sunny, then dark, then absolutely brilliantly clear at about dinner time, and the rest of the night was perfect. especially for these:

[local /wp-content/uploads/2009/07/fireworks2009.wmv nolink]

oh, and i wrote a few more pages this morning, which are very exciting and the end is rushing near (a point for tomorrow, i think), but since yesterday seems to have scrubbed our sky clean and it’s gorgeous out, there probably won’t be much more, today.

hey, if you don’t enjoy what you have, when you have it, there’s no point.

NOTE: of course, it took me over an hour to get these videos posted. there has to be a better way. now i have to get away from the pc before my wife kicks my –

  1. Since I didn’t get to see any fireworks I appreciate you’re post!! Wowzers… Hail!!! That part missed us.

  2. Glad you liked the fireworks. This is actually the first time in several years that we’ve seen them and I’m very glad we did. As for the hail, well, yeah, that was interesting, but it was seriously cool, too! Scared the daylights out of the dog, though.

    • yeah, they had some fun interesting bits. i think i liked the saturn-style ones the best.
      and that hail, by the way, was the size of a dime. that was a pretty interesting day.

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