day 29: i need to write a children’s book

or something lighter, anyway.

i just finished 3+ pages this morning, and it’s all dark. while this isn’t a major shift from the rest of the story (it’s been dark in points, etc.), kelly’s adventures have taken her to a decidedly not happy place. actually, we’re in a parallel situation as that of NGD. drastically different in particulars, but the fundamentals are the same: not pleasant.

where does this stuff come from? i don’t watch scary films (i was scared witless when my friends finally got me to watch Aliens) and i don’t do well with creepy stories (like a lot of Stephen King’s more powerful stuff), but here i am writing one.

my second one, actually.

of course, (to a conversation with a friend recently) it’s not a question of whether kelly will survive or not. it wouldn’t be much of a series, otherwise. it’s a question of what kind of a mess she gets into and how she gets out of it, because she will get out of it.

the most unsettling part of it, then, is the fact that of all the parts of the story, this is one of those i am most conscious of actually creating. this goes to the many times i’ve referenced the fact that i’ve listened to the characters, etc., to see how they’d react, what they would do, and so on. in this section of the book, and moreso even than in NGD, i have to create the environment for kelly to react to. this may be giving too much away at this point, but i need to create a place that neither kelly nor i have ever been, from the ground up.

and, to be honest, it’s scaring me a little.

of course, i have a couple friends who would probably read what i’ve written while eating dinner and not bat an eye.* so this may all be just my sheltered little self peeking out from under the covers, when everyone else is already knee deep in their closets.**

guess i’ll just have to wait and see.

* they also like things like Saw (II, II, IV, XXXV, etc.), though. i have to change the channel when those commercials come on.

* okay, so i don’t think that metaphor really worked the way i intended, but hopefully you get the point.

  1. I’m with ya on the scary films… down with Horror films! Ok, fine have them, but don’t expect me to watch them :-)

  2. i mean, really. i tried to see a couple thinking i could pass them off as ‘just movies’ and they weren’t real and all that, but my imagination refuses to be pinned down like that and i just keep thinking about them. not cool.

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