day 30: great start, short break, word count, and Readercon’s coming!

after an early ride, i got a couple pages done before breakfast, then 2.5 pages afterward, but now i’m afraid i’m skewing too far in a direction that is unrelated to the story. it’s a direct result of my work creating this new environment, but i need to make sure i don’t go overboard with it, so i’m going to do something else for a little bit to try and get a new perspective.

in other news, i’ve gotten a few more rejections in the last week, one for the book and two for different short stories. of those, though, one of the short story markets went out of their way to say they’d like to see other stuff from me, which was a very cool thing. of course, i’m neck deep in HHNF and can’t let up now.

HHNF: pile o' pages

HHNF: pile o' pages

which brings up another interesting point: i might have written far more words than i’ve been estimating. i pulled a handful of random pages from the pile and did a rough word count on each, resulting in a very different average total than i’ve been using in the sidebar metrics. instead of 350, i came up with 550. if this holds true with the bulk of the pages, which it should, especially the last 30 or so where it’s started to get really cramped, then my estimated word count is closer to 85,000, as of today, instead of the 55K i’m showing now.

this is very exciting news, but i don’t trust it, so i’m sticking with the 350 count for now. i’m closing in on the end of the story, regardless, so i’ll know soon enough. this does help me feel a bit better about nearing the end, though. looking at the metrics up to now, i’ve been worried that i was going to reach the end of the story and still be 30,000+ words short of my goal. of course, word count is largely irrelevant if the story is complete, but that would leave a much, much smaller novel than NGD, which would feel odd.

finally, i’m heading to Readercon down in massachussetts this friday, saturday and sunday. long time readers may recall that this is where kelly first appeared to me, albeit in very rough form, and coming out of Readercon i was driven by the words and testimonies of a great panel of speakers to commit immediately to writing her story, with a minimum of 3 pages a day. the result? 7 months later, the book was finished (including multiple revisions) and out to readers. a month after that it was done done and out to agents.

that was back in march. since then, i took a bit of a break and worked on a number of short stories and various things (like teaching and working at the computer job and paying the bills), but here i am, nearing the end of another novel after 30 days of writing (first draft, mind you), and Readercon’s here again, marking another year past.

hard not to feel jazzed and excited about what will come out of this year’s event.