day 32+: nope

i didn’t finish tonight. there’s a rule there somewhere, but i’m too tired to formulate it.

i thought i could finish it up quickly, but i should know me better by now. i can’t do anything quickly.

on the sort-of up-side, i finally came to terms with two fairly glaring items that needed to be excised. this will call for a moderate bit of revision a few chapters back, but they were really ridiculous.

i don’t know how i can’t let myself see them for what they are when i first write them. i knew perfectly well that neither of them really worked, but i kept thinking that i would find a way that would make them work. talk about ignoring warning signs.

so i didn’t finish before leaving for readercon. s’okay. it’s still pretty amazing that i’ve made it as far as i have in the time that i have, and that’s something to be happy about.

now for bed.