day 34: behind (but at readercon)

very short because i have 15 minutes to get over to readercon for History and Fictional History, but i said i’d be back last night and i wasn’t.

first, Words as Magic was truly excellent, as were both the How I Wrote… (A is for Alient and The Orphan’s Tales), but i don’t have time to do them justice right now.

why? because yesterday i didn’t have lunch so i had a splitting headache by the time i ate dinner after 7 (way late for me) and i ate crap (and too much of it) for dinner because i didn’t want to drive anymore. so i was home at 8:30 with a three-star headache and a bloated stomach and no writing.

i wanted to write, but i slept instead.

thank god.

i slept through, got almost 9 hours of sleep, no headache, used the bike in the gym, did my workout, had rice chex for breakfast and wrote.

so i just finished my 3 pages for yesterday, and i will find a way to make the three pages for today, one way or another.

now i must leave!