day 34+: caught up (barely)

well, i got another 3.5 pages this afternoon after the last panel i attended, and before meeting up with an old friend i haven’t seen since my wedding. it’s unfortunate that life takes us in such different ways sometimes, but it is good to know that true friends don’t count time.

as for the writing, well, today’s work was much better, though i did have to let a scene go when it was going too far off track. i was afraid of losing the little momentum i’d finally regained this morning, though, so i decided that i had to leave a gap and go on with the next scene.

this wasn’t easy, but i decided that since it was largely an action scene that needed a firmer hand on the logistics, it shouldn’t prove that unwieldy to retro-actively fit. of course, i’ll probably regret saying this, but it did at least allow me to get on with the larger story.

which took a couple interesting turns. again, i’m amazed at how i can write things down in an outline and not notice just how skeletal and unconsidered they are until i get to them and realize i have a quite sizeable chunk of thought and effort ahead of me to achieve the result. reaching the end has been like that these last twenty pages or so.

this ranges from plot flaws (no phone in scene A means no phone in Scene F*) to physical realities (in order to get from the quarry to the city, you need to take this one road, which is packed full of traffic at this hour), but which also included a great moment of comic and potentially tragic effect that i didn’t in any way intend (showing up at an empty  gas station at night, forgetting you’re dressed all in black, will warrant some decidedly unexpected results from the lone cashier).

thankfully, though, i was able to carry on, and catch up with the daily writing expectations (3 handwritten pages minimum) i’ve given myself since a year ago this weekend, and which have served me exceptionally well. Thank you, Mr. Durham (whom i got to hear him speak again today, but it’s late and i’ll have to try and touch on this tomorrow).

on the other side of things, i have come to the painfully obvious realization that claiming that i’m mere pages from the end is almost a guarantee of difficulty, obfuscation, confusion, distraction and, of course, discovering that i’m much further from there than i thought.

nonetheless, i’m still writing.

* i also had to throw away another scene entirely, despite the fact that it came out so smoothly, because of this very plot flaw. no idea how i missed it, but there it was.