day 35: farewell to the end

hm. that might make a good title, someday…

anyway, 3 more pages this morning, and since i’ve let go of trying to finish, i’ve realized just how much story is, in fact, left. some of this is purely logistical (getting from this location to that one), but there’s also a notable chunk of powerful drama still to unfold, and pushing too fast would shrink, cheapen, and even undercut its power.

this doesn’t mean that there’s another fifty pages or anything*, but it means it’s good to be back to writing, not racing.

now, i’m off to the last day of readercon. with any luck, i’ll be able to get down some more notes** from yesterday’s panels before i have to head back home this afternoon. at the least, i’ll get the rest of them up tomorrow.

* he says, hopefully.

** yes, notes. what can i say? i’m a teacher. i take notes. in fact, i’ve written 11 pages of notes so far, as much as i’ve written for the book in the same time. go figure.