day 36: this was supposed to be a day off

i had no intention of doing any writing this morning. in fact, i had an explicit intention of NOT doing any writing. i was looking forward to a short break* for the day. nothing significant, just a day to pause and catch my breath from readercon and just chill.


after i wrote this morning’s readercon installment, i was chomping at the bit to get back upstairs and write. of course, i spent so much time with the readercon post that i only had an hour and a half, but i still manged the minimum 3 pages and now i’m chomping at the bit to keep going**, but it’s time for work!

that said, if there’s one thing readercon reminded me of, it’s the simple fact of keeping a paying job.

* not like friday’s lack of writng, brought about by a combination of poor travel planning and poor meal consumption, but a genuine and intentional break

** just finished a car chase!