readercon catchup #1

[UPDATE: i’ve reorganized these into separate posts for each panel, for easier reference. follow the links below to the new posts.]

NOTE: i tried to make this shorter, but i just can’t do it, so it will have to carry over a few days.

it’s so nice to be home. good as Readercon was (and it was), there’s nothing like coming back to your own place, wherever that is.

okay, now i’m going to try to catch up on the rest of the sessions i attended, and i have to do it right now or it’ll slide to the wayside, then to the back burner, then into that ugly pile of papers in the corner of my desk that has stuff hiding in it from…well, probably high school.

again, my apologies for any mis-references or inaccuracies.

History and Fictional History Panel

Odyssey Writing Workshop

  1. I give these notes an A+. Can you think about doing a notetaking presentation for my students? :)

    • ah, well, you know, years of practice. and these are the condensed versions. i took 19 pages of notes over the weekend. i know. crazy.

  2. Re: *****… so far I think you’re doing pretty good… I can’t say I’ve read anyone elses work that’s anything like yours… (caviot that I haven’t read a ton of authors in the genre)

  3. thanks very much, Julie, caveat included. we’ve discussed this elsewhere and i think i am doing (or trying to do) something rather different than seen elsewhere; however that may be, though, i’m grateful for the thought!

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