Witness now on Kindle! Paperback half price!

check it out here!

it should also be available on the Sony Reader, but for some reason it’s not showing in their catalogue, so i have to talk to the folks at iUniverse and see what’s going on there.

still, it’s pretty cool. or, i think it is, since i don’t own a kindle, but i’m told it’s very cool.

in i think related news, the price for the paperback edition at Amazon is currently down to 10.95, which is almost 1/2 price. i’m a bit torn saying this, though, because i’d much prefer sales through independent book stores, but i’ll admit to simply wanting to be seen more.

also, this price may well go right back up tomorrow. the more popular a book is, the cheaper it becomes apparently. i’ve seen a couple times where the price has dropped for a few days, only to go back up. i assume the same will hold true for this.

so buy now, buy several!

sorry, couldn’t resist.