readercon catchup #2

[UPDATE: i’ve reorganized these into separate posts for each panel, for easier reference. follow the links below to the new posts.]

two things before i jump in here:

  1. i just wanted to direct any interested parties to another series of excellent summaries (more in depth than mine) on some of the readercon panels i didn’t get to, over at the Yunchtime blog.
  2. and it struck me after a comment from my wife that i’ve written more notes about a three day convention (19 pages) than i did about three weeks in the vast wonders of Australia (maybe 2). i feel like i should fix that sometime.

here we go.

Novels of Advocacy v. Novels of Recognition

I Spy, I Fear, I Wonder: Espionage Fiction and the Fantastic

  1. Yes but this was an educational experience and that was a life experience… you’re not supposed to take a lot of notes on a life experience, you’re supposed to live it… that’s the point :)

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