day 38: taking it a little slow

to make sure i do it right. last night i worked through 2+ pages of attempts to outline this last scene, since i hadn’t anticipated writing it in the outline. it was a very rough start for a while, but eventually i got more of a rhythm and i nailed the very ending!

that took longer than expected, though, so instead of rushing the actual writing, i gave it overnight to gestate, and this morning went to work. i’m working on a little less time today, though, so i didn’t quite finish, but the difficult beginning i had disappeared entirely when i took a slightly different tack, and i got another 3.5 pages of some really good, really engaging stuff, i think. i hope.

i can’t say exactly how close i am now, but it’s hardly measurable. even though i have to stop to work, now, i feel a wonderful calm about it, and i think that’s pretty telling.