draft 2: day 6 – big jump

last night i was able to get another 10 pages types up, and i’ve just now finished another 18 pages, bringing the total word count to 24K, and the handwritten page count to 60 out of 204. either way, i’m around a quarter of the way done.

as i’ve been hoping, there has been much less revision, lately. not trying to jinx myself, but i would like to believe that it’s overall in better condition to begin with. i’ve just finished the major plot element, which i hope will be an extremely emotional and shocking surprise for the readers, and which has put me in some concern that i might be pushing things a little too far too soon, but i can’t see another way of doing this with any ‘honesty’ or truth to the story and characters. i suppose i’ll eventually have to apologize for everything i put Kelly through.

now, though, i must wrap my forearms in ice.


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