draft 2: day 8 – reality and/or readability

while i was able to type up another 11 pages this morning, putting me past the 1/3rd marker for word count, i was hoping to get more. i even went so far as to type at the breakfast table while my wife made scones (most delicious!) before she headed off to work*, in hopes of actually getting 20 pages before lunch.

however, i had a couple errands to take care of this morning that i had forgotten about and which took an hour out of my time (losing at least three, if not up to 5 pages of typing). there was also a moderate amount of revision in today’s work, though.

the last couple days i’ve been noticing that i’ve actually done a bit of culling as i went. it’s perhaps not surprising that i write more than i need to, and often repeat myself, so much of my revision process includes chopping stuff out. This is usually because the content is unnecessarily wordy**, but recently it’s been primarily because i was repeating myself.

now, as i mentioned yesterday, i am trying to keep Kelly’s word as grounded in reality as possible, and sometimes in life we say or do things repeatedly which, if written down and read exactly as they happened, would seem ridiculous.*** so, i’m working to walk the line between reality and readability.

when i started writing, the idea that i wouldn’t write things just as they happened in life was anathema to me. i felt like i would be the one to show just how the real word is. it took me far longer than i’d like to admit to realize that everybody seems to feel this way in the beginning (what is it about slice-of-life stories that is so attractive in high school and college?), and that, almost without exception, writing a full length work adhering to all the mundanity of existence, is painful and simply uninteresting.

so, there are adjustments to make. it’s a give and take process, and i’m learning, i hope, how to be realistic without being deadly dull.

now i might have another scone…

* i know i should’ve helped, but am i the luckiest guy, or what?

** GASP! NO! me, wordy?

*** then again, maybe i’m the only one whose life feels like this sometimes…

  1. there’s not much better than food-based inspiration. that looks absolutely delicious, Julie, and totally worth getting glaze on the keyboard, in my opinion.

    (that recipe had best be in my email soon…)

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