draft 2: day 9 – keep on typing

22 pages today, which is awesome, but nearly made us miss the beginning to a nephew’s baseball game. this is the downside to being so heavily focused on the book: a significant reduction in family/social activity. balance is hard.

on the other hand, the school year starts in 4 weeks, and i’m pretty certain that i need to have HHNF out to readers before that, or it will just drag on, as i won’t have the mental capacity for it.

the story is also still cruising along. i’m feeling very good about the quality, still, and have even begun to second-guess my second-guessing about the overhaul i’ve been anticipating near the end. i’m still not entirely certain this isn’t my laziness talking, but the more i think about it, and the more i type up sections that i thought would need more revision but actually don’t, the less i think i might need to perform reconstructive surgery on that later section. we shall see.

finally, the reason we were almost late to the baseball game is i was completely sucked into the story i was typing up, so much so, that i was actually teary-eyed at a particularly emotional scene, and couldn’t bear to leave off at that point, despite our impending lateness and the slow burn starting in my forearms. i had to see it through. honestly. and that’s pretty darn cool.