draft 2: day 10 – 10k is perfectly fine

and nothing to complain about (almost 50,000 words, now), and the light typing meant more time spent with some visiting family, some of whom we haven’t seen since we got married.* of course, it rained buckets here and there throughout the day, but the weather mostly held off for the afternoon, which was nice, though it picked up again just in time for dinner with my parents.**

i was considering some more writing this evening, but I opted for a bit of downtime*** with my wife, watching our much-beloved and much-lamented Firefly on DVD. i think my arms were glad for the break, too.

*way too long

** which we were late for, and we were hosting. very embarrassing. sorry folks.

*** such downtime has been too rare as i plow on with the book to finish before school starts.