draft 2: day 14 – the final countdown

another 12 pages this morning puts me at less than 20 pages to go for the handwritten manuscript, and it’s all amid another really intense series of events which, i think, will make for a very compelling read. there’s still a part of me that’s uncertain and wonders if i’ve gone too far, but that’s the kind of thing that i need feedback on, so we’re going with it as is.

i think i’ve mentioned before that i have some notable items to work on in draft 3, which means more work, but it also means a much richer story, even more than i had originally intended. i’ve been playing some of those ideas out as i’m finishing up the typing, and i’m very excited to get to writing them in, as i already know how they’ll bump the stakes in certain areas, and deepen the dramatic elements of others.

in related news, i got another request for a partial for NGD yesterday, which was a very nice surprise. however, the agent asked for the first 3 chapters and NGD starts with a single-page chapter. so, in hopes of being able to submit more, i replied asking if ‘the first 3’ is a firm thing. i’m still very nervous about communicating with agents, and i’m partially afraid that even this little request may sour my chances somehow, but i’m beginning to get a little more bold in hopes that it comes through.

of course, i haven’t heard back from her yet. ah, well. it’s time to pay the bills, again.

  1. Even though ch. 1 is one page, the second version of it is really strong and holds it’s own against a much longer chapter… but I see your point.

  2. thanks, Julie. i actually haven’t heard anything in reply still, so i’m going to take a flying leap and send it out tomorrow, one way or another. i know, i’m just crazy!

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