draft 2: day 15 – done!

well, sort of.

i typed up the last 15 pages today, around tutoring appointments on campus*, and typed the last sentence at 4:30, just in time to pack up and head home.

so, the pages are typed, and there’s a ton of work left to do. well, maybe not a ton, but plenty. i need to do a spellcheck**, then revisit all the asterisks i’ve left throughout (like street names i need to doublecheck, revisions i wasn’t sure about at the time, references to NGD that i want to make sure are right, scenes that need some more research, the expansion of an underlying theme that needs to be bumped up in a few places, etc.), and then i’ll print it out.

and then there’s that revision to get through.

but, for now, for today, the typing is done and my forearms are grateful!

* yes, school’s starting soon!

** spellchecking actually takes a lot longer than one might think, which is something i can’t seem to get across to my students, either.