draft 3: hoping for more today

which wouldn’t take much, since yesterday was a complete blank on HHNF. such is life, though. a number of necessary  errands in the morning (which involved both my wife and i and meant she had to take time off work, since we’re currently down to a single car), followed by the day job, plus some pre-semester school work on campus in the evening, led to a packed day.

of course, it was all good and necessary stuff, but it made me realize that my goal for getting HHNF out to readers before the start of the semester is, at best, highly unlikely. and not just because of yesterday, either. as a friend recently pointed out: ‘no wine before it’s time.’ i don’t want to push HHNF out to readers on schedule and poorly done because it was rushed. i want to put out the  solid, strong, powerful book i know it can be. if that means a few weeks later than i hoped, well, so be it.*

that said, there’s always a chance. i’m still pushing myself for some great productivity in the next week and a half, starting right now.

* and since i’m not getting paid for meeting deadlines or anything at this point…

  1. thank you again for the “pre-semester school work”. I think that the students got more out of it than you might think. :)

  2. i hope so. i wasn’t really feeling on my teaching game last night, but hopefully some of them got something out of it. shows how much i need to get into gear for the semester. thanks for the thought, though, love. much appreciated.

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