because it’s 4am

and i’ve been awake for 2 hours.

i found* a site called Wordle that does word clouds, using any text you give it. i’d seen some folks mention they’ve used this to help them re-visualize their writing and address issues of unnecessary word repetition, et cetera, so i figured i’d give it a go with NGD, HHNF and Witness. it by no means substitutes for actual reading/revision, but it’s an interesting way of getting the mind to approach the content from a very different angle.

and it looks pretty neat, too.

Wordle for Hell Hath No Fury

Wordle for No Good Deed

Wordle for Witness

apparently i need to review my use of ‘back’.

right now, though, i’m going to shoot for a quick nap, see if that works.

* actually, my brother turned me onto it a few weeks ago, but i hadn’t gotten around to properly playing with it until this morning’s insomnia.

  1. Oooooo those are very, very cool and make great art… I’d like one of each printed and framed please.

  2. I have a couple comments:
    1. “saintly wife” couldn’t agree more… GREAT posters… to help the process: which I got off my flickr page… I’ve been considering doing some stuff with some of my photography so this poped into my mind immediately…

    2. WOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO I love it, it’s like reading E! news for insider scoops on your favorite TV shows… HHNF obviously focuses on my MOST favorite character of all time… I’m now EVEN MORE excited to read it… hurry Bill HURRY! ;-)

  3. whoa, imagekind is very cool. we’ll have to spend some more time with that, and I know a couple other people who might be interested in it, too. thanks!

    and i love the E! insider parallel. i was kind of hoping something like that might come through. since the system doesn’t work off tags, the words stand alone without meaning, so the themes and plot elements are basically safe, but it does work to tease out some names, which is a nice part. i’m very glad you liked it so much. now, though, i hope i do him justice.

    and i’m hurrying, i’m hurrying!

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