draft 3: the slacker returneth

i could easily spend hours on how easily and embarrassingly distractable i am, but let me just say that while i’ve been an absolute slacker these past couple days, i’m back on track, finally. the syllabi are done* and i feel much better about that, and now i’m back to the book. i’ve left a handful of asterisks for future consideration and i’m now working through the 105 additional notes i scribbled in the margins, other scraps of paper, etc., as i wrote the first draft and typed up the second one.

another kicker to get myself focused again was a really cool expansion on an idea i’ve been mulling for kelly, that came to me last night before bed, which reminded me of how little i’ve done lately and how much fun it is to be writing.

so, without further ado, adieu.**

* though one of those classes may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, but there’s still time before school starts on monday, so there is a chance.

** ha!