draft 3: adding a new scene

as of last night, i’m down to 79 additional notes, though a lot of those were very small or already taken care of. i did, however, start a new interim scene which is turning into another strong character development scene, this time mostly between Kelly and Shawn.

the scene is fairly early on and was originally supposed to be very short and very quick – kind of a verbalized pause, if you will* – something to indicate that a few days have passed. now, though, through a combination of outstanding notes i wanted to work in and a gap in the reality of the situation that Kelly reminded me i had to fill, the scene has significantly expanded in weight and significance.

it’s not going to be a huge scene, but it’s peering a bit more deeply into Kelly and her family, who they are and what makes them – and, by association, her – tick. this is some personally exciting stuff for me, because i’m really engaged in these people, even when they’re not at their best, and i hope readers will be, too.

this scene also now has the added bonus of planting the seed of a much, much, much larger issue/theme that will have it’s culmination a few books from now.

how cool is that?

“The great thing about revision is that it’s your opportunity to fake being brilliant.”
– Will Shetterly

* only, well, written down, obviously.